Friday, January 18, 2008

Keep MagicJack from Popping up on your screen

  1. Install 4T Tray Minimizer
  2. Start up your magicjack. Leave the softphone on the screen.

  3. Start up 4t, and click the add button as shown below.

  4. now drag the icon below on top of your sofphone

  5. Step 3 will have filled in all of the data to the form above.

Running MagicJack as a service

Frank Zappa for put this procedure together. Thanks Frank!!!!

Now magicjack runs as a service, is completely invisible, starts up automatically on boot, and I don't need fast-user switching enabled, thus it takes up no memory caused by virtual desktop programs or autosizer, and has 0 focus problems.

Here is my current step by step to get this setup ->

1. Download rktools.exe

2. Extract it.

3. Create a user account named "magicjack", temporarily assign admin privilege. Also create a password for this account.

4. Login as “magicjack”, and install the magicjack under this profile.

5. Install the magicjack as a service, using the tutorial

After you create the service, if you export the registry value from regedt32.exe, it should look similar to this ->

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



"Application"="c:\\Documents and Settings\\magicjack\\Application

Note: the ImagePath string value is really something like "c:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\srvany.exe"

6. Delete the two cdloader entries for MagicJack in the registry. Using regedt32.exe, logging in from both of your user accounts, delete this entry from ->


7. Change the magicjack user account to be a user account instead of an admin account.

8. Enjoy!

Notes: Now, when I did this the magicjack service still wouldn't start, so I went to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services->MagicJack and tried to start the service from there, but I got this error ->

"Could not start the service on Local Computer. Error 1069: The service
did not start due to a logon failure"

So, I went to the log on tab (still in the magic jack service tab) and put in the password, and everything works beautifully!

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