Monday, November 12, 2007

MagicJack SIP info

MagicJack uses standard SIP, so once you determine your SIP information (username/password/etc), you can use your MagicJack service with any standard VoIP device.

The easiest way to uncover your MagicJack SIP information is to use Fiddler.

Since all MagicJack passwords are very simple, you could also very easily brute force them using cain, although this technique is a bit more involved than using fiddler.

There are a few other techniques you could use as well, but most of these involve exploiting some of the gaping security holes in the MagicJack, and should probably be discussed offline...


Anonymous said...

Love this blog.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Now I am using my old sunrocket gizmo! You're awesome. Keep up the posting!

Anonymous said...

Works 10X better on ATA than the crappy USB interface.

Anonymous said...

I have Fiddler. But I can't find any SIP info. Can anyone offer some tips?

I don't even know what SIP info looks like! :(

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain how one theoretically would pull the sip information from the provision header GET /softphone/provision/?version= using fiddler. Just curious for information's sake. I would never violate my oath and terms of contract with magicjack : 0

msganti said...

Can somebody post a tutorial on sniffing the SIP info using fiddler?

Poor souls like me would highly appreciate

tom said...

I was able to get my SIP info, but can't configure it to work with my pap2. Can someone post what goes into each of the fields or post a screen print on the unofficial forum? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

sorry, it was so easier that I fell stupid!

msganti said...

Hi tom(or anybody else)

Can you share the SIP details? you may PM me on the unofficial forum (user name: aone999) or just mail to

tom said...

pap2 configured and working - :5070 needed at end of proxy. thank you laserjobs!

Anonymous said...

Awseome infermation, you guys are genionuses! Wil you date my 16 year old dooghter?

Anonymous said...

please somebody post a tutorial on how to see the sip info on the MJ with fiddler. i am sick of having to leave my computer on

SpamBox said...

Unfortunately this method is out dated. According to MagicJack - they may allowe BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) as early as March 2008. It's no longer easy to "discover" your SIP password.



"SpamBox said...
Unfortunately this method is out dated. According to MagicJack - they may allowe BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) as early as March 2008. It's no longer easy to "discover" your SIP password.
No it is Not, people have told me it works! but i cant get it to work. SOMEONE PLEASE POST A VID OR SOMETHING! was it laserjobs? whoever please help!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. Can you give me step by step instructions to use sunrocket modem for majic jack

Anonymous said...

Has anyone use the sip info on a trixbox or an asterisk server ? ? ? I wanna run my call center on this thing 4 freeeeeeeee ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found a new method to get the SIP information on the new MAGICJACKS? I tried the fiddler method does not work anymore

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

More detailed instructions please. I don't know haw to get memory dump file. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying?

with the magicjack sip information, you can put it into your old vonage modem box and use that box instead of the little magicjack usb plug???


Anonymous said...

i have the DUMP gfile, but i need to find the passwords, who can help me with the passord. because i cant find the password...
please just give me a idea about it...

Anonymous said...

i can help with this, contact me if u wish to get the magicjack password and sip informations

Best regards

Anonymous said...

OK Guys, Try this.!

Go here,

1) …and download the pmdump but don’t run it but just place that .exe file on your desktop.
2) Follow the guide and run it as described while magicjack is plugged in.
3) Once you run it, it will place a file on the desktop.
4) Go here and download the “Hex Editor”.
5) Run the hexEditor and drag and drop above file in.
6) Go to Edit menu and select find -> text string value “ProxyUserPassword”, “SIPProxyURI” (this will look -> SipProxyURI : sip: :5070) . your proxy user ID is, EyourPhoneNumber01

7) After noting down all above go here and determine according to IP address (sipproxyURI) , what city you are located. If U don’t find that IP here please google it. If U find more reliable site please post for all.
Then modify Ur proxy like this:

8) Now you are ready to use your own device.

You have Username, Password and the Proxyserver.

If you use Linksys PAP2 , its like this..!

Username and password as above
sip port: 5070
register: yes
make call without reg: yes
answer call without reg: no
register expires: 3600
display name: your phone number

please use Ur own intelligence to find answers to minor questions.

Good Luck.!


Anonymous said...

Wow Kevin.

The trick seems to be working. I am now using magicJack with Ekiga on linux.

I just hope this doesn't get cancelled soon.

Does anybody have a link for the magicJack license agreement to see if this is strictly legal or not?

Anonymous said...

Great post, Kevin. Only idiots like me can't find the search strings you mentioned. I pmdumped the thing 3 times and couldn't find the ProxyUserPassword string. What am I doing wrong? Follow what guide? Got my MJ from Radio Shark, recently. On sale...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot find the strings you mentioned. They are simply not there. I found probably 20 entries with password or p.a.s.s.w.o.r.d. but no actual password anywhere. Has MagicJack updated their software that no longer lets this work?

Anonymous said...

Alright all,

This is simple and not so simple. You MUST be quick to get the SIP information you need. Here are the steps.....The registration password is in your computer memory for only a short time.

So lets get started!!!

1) First, get pmdump utility from here...

You will need to run the above program under DOS command line. e,g just put it under c:\

Run it like this..

C:\pmdump PID outputfile.txt

You can get the PID by doing the following...

c:\pmdump -list

As soon as you see MagicJack.exe in the list and its PID, use its PID. e,g when you run the command above, you will see lost of PIDS including a number like this...
1809 - MagicJack.exe

1809 is your PID.

so run this command quickly
C:\pmdump 1809 outputfile.txt

2) Get Hexworkshop software from here...

install the program above and open the file outputfile.txt (e,g file-open)

3) Inside Hexworkshop, go to ..edit->find..
in the find dialogue box...
type: Text String
Value: ProxyUserPassword

Under Options..
Find All Instances

4) This should Return some hits...
On the right rectangle window, under address... you will see some hex decimal the first one...then the password should appear right above it in the larger window. This password should be 20 Characters long. All other info are there, just scroll down. You will need 3 things...

In order to get your proxy server
Take the IP address and visit...

Get your proxy from THE SITE ABOVE.

Now you should have all you need.

The tutorial above is the most complete on the internet PERIOD!!!!!!!!

Sidaa Weeye

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated! I just plugged in the magicjack, kept checking the list until magicjack.exe popped up and dumped the memory. I got the info I needed. Now all I need to do is figure out a good softphone to use and/or how to use my existing linksys device with this new info.


Anonymous said...

I tried a couple of softphones now and I think I like ZoIPer. It allows multiple accounts so I can also use my other voip account with it. It has buttons for 6 lines which is pretty cool. Overall, a nice program, and though I haven't used it a lot yet, it seems to be working great with my magicjack SIP account. No more having to plug that stupid usb thing in!

Anonymous said...

I have the "Jack" working on SIP but I can only get inbound calls to work. Anybody know why I can't make calls? MJ is registered with their server, I have tried sending the call the following ways: local number only - 7 Digit, Area Code and Number - 10 digit and country code, area code and number - 11 digit. My phone just kicks back with "Service Not Available" with a fast busy, probably Asterisk generated. Any ideas on what it is looking for in its header?


Anonymous said...

Okay, ZoIPer was kind of choppy, especially when first connecting the call. I'm using a more popular one now called X-Lite, but it gets choppy every once in a while too though it connects calls much more smoothly. Anyone know of a really good softphone to use with the MJ service?

Anonymous said...

From Kevin...
I know some of you could not find the sip password.
Solution..., remove and clean all MagicJack related software from your computer.
Then, make a fresh start and make it work then run the pmdump and follow the procedure.
If you use Vista, upgrade the software and run MJ.
when searching the proxyuserPassword, keep looking along the text by hitting F3 key (search next).
No matter how old or new your MJ, it is there.

Goog Luck..!


Anonymous said...

This not working, what version of MJ are we to use. The ver I have is 1.80.451.2

Anonymous said...

Same here, No matter how many times I try, still can not get password

Anonymous said...

I've been struggling with this too. They key is to get the dump using either pmdump or Vista's process dump in Task Manager... AS SOON AS THE PROCESS STARTS. I think this is easier in Task Manager via Vista. Unplug the MJ and the magicjack.exe will disappear from the process list in Task Manager. Plug it back in and as soon as the magicjack.exe process appears, right-click on it and click Create Dump File.

Worked first time for me with this method. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The best way to get the SIP is to use the program MJINFO.EXE

link will post soon.

Anonymous said...

Here it is.

Anonymous said...

Here it is.

hotrad said...

Im having errors under vista.


Anonymous said...

New version 1.1 with fixes

Anonymous said...

Please post if MJInfo.exe is working for you, and how you feel about the application.

niel said...

THANKS kevin, U the man, I did this and its working, Yeyiiiiii, anyways i have a question, If i have ATA registered allready, and i plug in usb device, does it mean both gona work simultaneously? or it will mess up everything?

hotrad said...

can't download the file,

"This limit is reached.
To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again."

I suggest uploading the file here

I have vista and a beta test of windows 7, lets try your software if it works, since most user are XP users.

Anonymous said...

I have my info and I'm trying to set this up on a Thomson TG787 router/modem. It has a few more inputs than shown here and I need help as to what to fill these with.

Display Name=
Abbreviated Number=
Registrar Port=

Anonymous said...

Kevin is right, I tried it and it worked, but you have to do it fast as soon as the MJ's PID is listed. I set-up my SIP but can only make outgoing calls. How to set-up for incoming?

Anonymous said...

I cant download it either.. could someone upload it again other than rapidshare? thanks.. will recheck this site often for any updates..

Anonymous said...

mjinfo.exe is now at:

Anonymous said...

it is also at:

Anonymous said...

note mjinfo.exe works on vista
and works with magicjack's new upgrade

ENJOY....Please post...

hotrad said...

it definitely working, thanks for uploading it 4shared.. Bookmarked.

Anonymous said...

Running MJInfo.exe on my XP, gives error “The procedure entry port RegSetKeyValueW could not be located in the dynamic link lbrary ADVAPI32.dll”
Any solution to this?
I have ADVAPI32.dll in system32 folder

hotrad said...

mjinfo is compatible and working with vista, I dont think its working right with xp.

If you have a friend that has a vista, then try it there.

ulu said...
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Anonymous said...

This Works Good.

Try it its easy and fast.

Anonymous said...


Who ever wrote this little utility is the MANNNNNNNNNNNN..

I got my sip info long time ago. I had to use pmdump and HEX Workshop before. But this little util will do all the work for you in 2 seconds. WOW!!!

I am now using mj as a wifi cell phone (UTSstarcom F3000) in hot spots and PAP2-NA Unlocked.


Thereisnospoon said...

Thanks for the thread! and thanks to whoever is hosting the MJInfo tool. I am finaly free from the magicjack USB device, am using a sipura box as a client to my router (PC does not need to be on and there are no pop-ups when the phone is used). Don't know how long Magicjack will allow this to work.

Some tips:

Your SIP device will need to have a static IP on your local network and you will need to forward tcp/udp port 5070 to your SIP client (Sipura or an unlocked Linksys PAP2). Unlocking a PAP2 that is pre-configured for Vonage is a pain in the arss.

"do not try to bend the spoon... for that is impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth... there is no spoon" -SpoonBoy-

hotrad said...

whoever made that mj suite is awesome, tried it and its working and more detailed.

Thanks to the maker of that software.

Thereisnospoon said...

An additional note on using the MJInfo tool:

When you unzip the utility, the folder named 'MagicJack_Utilities' is created, in that folder are the utilities. You may get various kinds of errors when running the SIPinfo utility. These errors can be overcome by editing certain lines in the 'config.ini' file. The errors usually indicate which line needs to be edited. To edit the 'config.ini' file, simply right-click on the file and select "open with". From the dialog box select the default selection (notepad)and click OK. When finished editing close and save changes.

Hope this helps

This program works very well.

"The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window. Or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work. When you go to Church. When you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." -Morpheus-

Anonymous said...

hi Guys I am new at this can someone help fill in the blanks. I have my for password for mj also I see

SIP Server Address: (IP address or URL)

Outbound Proxy : (IP address or URL,if any)

SIP User ID : (Assigned user ID or phone number)

Account ID : (Can be same as or different from SIP User ID)

AuthPassword : (For security,password does not display)
Name : (Optional)
Home NPA :
Use DNS SRV : Yes No
User ID is phone : Yes No
SIP Registration : Yes No
Unregister On Reboot: Yes No
SIP INFO Safety :Yes No ("Yes",Enable incoming SIP messages from SIP server only)
Register Expiration : (Seconds (Default is 1 hour, max 45 days)
Local SIP Port : (Default 5060)
Local RTP Port : (1024-65535, default 5004)
Use Random Port : Yes No
NAT Traversal No if Yes STUN server is:

Keep Connected Interval: Seconds (Default 20 seconds)
Use NAT IP : (If specified, this IP address is used in SIP/SDP message)
(If specified, the content will appear in Proxy-Require header)

DTMF Send Type In-AudioVia RTP (RFC2833)Via SIP INFO
DTMF Payload Type
Caller ID Scheme Bellcore (North America) ETSI-FSK (France, Germany, Norway, Taiwan, UK-CCA) ETSI-DTMF (Finland, Sweden) Denmark-DTMF CID-Canada
Send Anonymous Yes No (If "Yes", caller ID will be blocked)
Send Flash Event Yes No (Flash will be sent as a DTMF event if set to "Yes")
Session Expiration Seconds (Default 180 seconds)
Min-SE Seconds (Default and minimum 90 seconds)
Caller Request Timer : Yes No (Request for timer when making outbound calls)
Callee Request Timer : Yes No (When caller supports timer but did not request one)
Force Timer : Yes No (Use timer even when remote party does not support)
UAC Specify Refresher: UAC UAS Omit (Recommended)
UAS Specify Refresher: UAC UAS (When UAC did not specify refresher tag)
Force INVITE : Yes No (Always refresh with INVITE instead of UPDATE)
Fax Mode : T.38 (Auto Detect) or Pass-Through

MJ_USBfree said...

What is your question?

Anonymous said...

I have configured a spa3102 , but I have only outgoing call but not receive.
If I call to my number from other phone after dial wait 5 seconds and sound a busy tone. Need some config extra??

MJ_USBfree said...

Do you have a router in front of the spa3102? If you do; Make sure your Router isn't blocking SIP ports 5060-5070 UDP. MJ uses SIP ports 5060-5070 UDP. Your Router will need to "Port Forward" those ports. Otherwise, operation will not be reliable. If your spa3102 is on a local network behind your router; make sure that the spa3102 has a static IP on the local network. Example: if your router is Forward ports 5060-5070 to if that is the IP of the spa3102.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if the magicjack usb device can be running on my home pc if I am using a sip phone configured at the same time?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

New at this...trying to get SIP info from magicJack so that PAP2 adapter can used instead of usb mj. After downloaded the, unzipped and double-clicked the Utilities suite to get the SIP information from magicJack, but it kept saying "Invalid Path3 in Config.ini." The example instructed to edit Path3 according to my configuration...i.e

;Path3 XP Example
;Path3 C:\Documents and Settings\John\Application Data

BUT the Application Data folder does not exist anywhere on my pc.

NOTE: dialing and receiving calls using the usb magicJack works perfectly at this point

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Does any one have instructions or link(s) to instructions on

1) what parameters are needed for the sunrocket's inno media MTA 6328-2Re

2) What ports need to be forwarded

Currently, I can make outgoing calls but incoming calls are not received.



Anonymous said...

Great blog!

I'm using Innomedia MTA 6328-2Re also. I didn't forward any ports. However, I can receive incoming calls, but not make outgoing calls (get busy tone, it's the reverse of your problem).

Anyone have any answers to why I get busy tone when making outgoing calls? I have tried different number combinations and still get the busy tone.

Anonymous said...

Okay, answered my own question (previously only had incoming calls, got busy tone for outgoing calls).

I reset the MTA 6328-Re to default settings, then put in the SIP credentials again. Looks like I had put in the wrong value for SIP Local Signalling Port (default is 5060, I had set it to 5070).


Anonymous said...

For those who got magicJack USB device to work on PAP2 box or other ATA devices for quite sometimes now-- still working? I am thinking of doing the same.

Anonymous said...


Can the person with the MTA 6328-2Re that have their unit working for incoming and outgoing calls, please post their configuration (The SIP Proxy and User Account pages)? I am still having problems with incoming calls.



Anonymous said...

stillworking i did it last night, later and thanksfor all the suport

chas said...

Here it is right in the reg just like evrything else...


Anonymous said...

can anyone help me how can i use magic jack without USB ? i know i can use PAP2 but i actually dont know how to use it what setting i should i use ??? Thank you guys !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lot of information. Has someone configured sunrocket's gizmo? If yes then please explain the unlocking and configuration.

Anonymous said...

None of the Tricks (in post & Comments) work for me :-(

any one got workaround with new magicjack security?

Anonymous said...

MJ Suite v1.6 was working fine for me until a couple of days ago. No, however, I am not able to get SIP info. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. said...

I have my SIP info from MJ Utilities, and I just got a Linksys PAP2 (unlocked). I can get to the configuration page and everything.

What do I have to put into the linksys and where? I didn't expect to see so many options in the web-based configuration utility?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to setup a new softphone from ( using my magicJack connection. How do I go about configuring it?

So what do I need to set this up?

Anonymous said...

Ok folks I have MagicJack working with Fring on iPhone thanks to this forum (see posts above if you're looking for config help with user name, password, proxy, Fring).

There is one expert above who was able to get Ekiga configured to work with MagicJack, I was wondering if someone could post a walkthrough? I filled in the accounts info with MagicJack info, specified them as a SIP provider. I could not get the echo service to work or dial a number.

All help is appreciated!

Austin, TX, USA

Anonymous said...

Hello All. Currently I am running Linksys PAP2 box with magicJack service (without usb device) in DMZ zone. The service has been working very good so far. It seemed that every couple of days, I could not make an incoming calls to my magicJack number (it goes diretly to the voice mail). The outgoing calls never gives me any problem.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Anonymous said...

+1 - Have SPA-2002, have 5060 and 5070 forwarded -and- have device set for DMZ. On incoming calls it either goes to voicemail or rings and then disconnects when you pickup (other end hears fast busy). Outgoing calls work great.

TDave00 said...

Thanks to this post and replies I was able to get my sip info. I had to keep changing the delay using the MJSuite. It finally pulled up my sip info when I set the delay to 8.

I reset the PAP2 to default. Entered in my proxy info with :5070 at the end. I entered my username/password that MJSuite pulled up for me. **No need to use "Auth ID". Just leave it as "no".

I could make outgoing calls but my phone wouldn't ring. It was a simple fix. Under the Regional tab of your PAP2 you need to scroll down to "Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec" and change your Ring Waveform to Trapezoid. In essence the phone was actually ringing but I couldn't tell it because the PAP2 wasn't sending the correct signal to ring my phone. Changing this to Trapezoid fixed it. I had this problem once before and suspected that might be the culprit. I live in the US so not sure what the setting would be for another kind of phone outside the US.

BTW. Initially I changed my sip port to 5070, but recently changed it to 5060 as I think I misunderstood some directions here. "5070" is what you append to your proxy (:5070).

I did a writeup about it here.

el gato said...

Everything works wonderfully with my PAP2 but:
Why? I always have to dial a "1" (631) (###-#####) if local?
there is something more to configure.? help me ...

When in usb modem works well just mark (code and number)

sorry for my English jejejeeje

Anonymous said...


Anyone got it working?

Please post your settings?


Anonymous said...

anyone knows how to setup any sipura or linksys ATA with majickjack ? I have working credentials on asterisk and it works fine but when i load it on sipura alone i can't pass registration.

Jack Chrysler said...
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Anonymous said...

The better way to separate you pc of MJ is buying a thin client (mini pc) and problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the settings used with innomedia (MTA-6328 re)

AMG said...

I assume you got it working on your SunRocket device? I did... Make sure that for the SIP address you use the hostname:5070. Then I put 5070 in the SIP Port as well (not sure if its needed). And USername and UserID are both the ProxyUserName. If you need more help, post up

Anonymous said...

Thank You, AMG. Now Innomedia 6328-re works with MagicJack.

shal22 said...

Has anyone been able to use pap2 v2 with magicjack? I hear there are issues due to alphanumeric characters in the username for magicjack.

Anonymous said...

EeePC1000 with Xandros (Linux), running Linphone as my SIP client:
Everything was working smoothly, making & receiving calls up until about a month ago... Then intermittent.

Found the root cause (weird). If I have the MJ module connected to any other PC (connected to the Internet), then I can use my EeePC running the softphone to make and take calls. If I disconnect the MJ from the donor PC, the softphone fails, giving me the message, "Bad request".

So, it appears somehow MJ is verifying that the MJ module is physically attached to SOME PC (even if it's not the system that is actually taking/making calls with that MJ account).

I wish they'd make the MJ module work on Linux directly so I wouldn't have to keep a PC running just to access my account!

Anonymous said...

This happened to me. I had Linksys PAP-N2 device configured with MJ and another MJ configured UTSTARCOM F3000 Sip cell phone. They both stopped working around 10 days ago.

I think MJ is doing something, but guess what? I am in the process of sniffing the packets to see what changed and what additional values are being requested from the client side.

I will keep you posted......

vicpete said...

cant get mjv1.6 to work, it says not connected to usb port however it is and i can shut off mj and get the version but thats all. does this program stiil work? what am i missing?

Anonymous said...


MJ Changed all SIP passwords for their recent upgrade to their devices.

If you were using ATAs or etc and experienced service interruption, all you have to do is get the SIP password again and replace your old SIP password in your ATAs.

I now have mifi 2200 (pocket/portable wifi) and UTSTARCOM F3000 (SIP flip phone) with MJ creds working together.



Anonymous said...

i have 3 majickjacks and they are all out (on asterisk server) now I need to get the passwords on all of them again ... If i can just remember what i did with the real hardware :) where are you majickjack :)

Anonymous said...

I have two MagicJacks and I'm using an ATA (Linksys PAP2T box). I got the new passwords for both of them. Both lines worked at first, but then one of them stopped. I checked, and there was another new password, so I put that in, but it still isn't working. I checked again, and the password is the last password I used. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Just a note to add to the above. When I plug the MagicJack into the computer for the line that isn't working on the Linksys, it works fine.

Anonymous said...

Same problem for me. MagicJack works but PAP2 stopped. was working for most of the day today after changing the password.

Any new updates?

Anonymous said...

Same problem here connecting to Was able to get my new SIP user/pass using the program "magicJack VoIP Credential (version 1.1)", but no love on the ATA anymore. I have even tried using a software SIP phone without success. Hope there is a solution soon other than connecting back to the USB dongle!

Anonymous said...

Same to me. Today my pap2 stoped working with magicjack. The computer work. I found the new password but still the pap2 doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

AS OF TODAY: User-Agent = MagicJack/1.80.466c Changed to: User-Agent = MagicJack/1.80.484a My iphone APPS (italk and siphone)dont work anywhere. I used MagicJack Utilities 1.5 & 1.6 to extracts the new info, but new info does not work. says: Registration Failed "ERROR: Credential failed to authenticate. Guess we need an update for MagicJack Utilities to give us the missing information its asking for. Please fix this :)

Anonymous said...

Same Here, Majicjack stopped working on my Linksys PaP2.

How to fix it?

Anonymous said...

Same here its stop working now on Linksys PAP2, i have tired to change the password but it say Can't connect to login server Any Idea what extra parameter need to be set for this to work again on Linksys pap2??

Anonymous said...

Anyone has any update on this? I have the new password but still no go registration is failing to all proxy servers. What else could majickjack change besides passwords? Looks like the user name stil the same and port 5070 is still same based on the wireshark capture.

Trebuin said...

Under System:
Hostname as MagicJack
Domain as
Under SIP(advanced view):
User Agent as : MagicJack/1.80.484a (SJ Labs)

Under line:
KEY one is set Register expires to 0 - that is the change that made it work...

gb123 posted this on magicjack support.

One issue: In the past, setting register expires to 0 led to MJ going down after a certain amount of time and never coming back until you cycled the router. I'm trying to confirm if this has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

So "Trebuin", which of the following are you suggesting for asterisk.

1. ignoreregexpire=yes
2. defaultexpiry=0
3. maxexpiry=0
4. minexpiry=0

Anonymous said...

Trebuin, Thanks for the info. Can you please post screenshot of your SIP config?

Anonymous said...

I did changes as per Trebuin said... but still the registeration failed even with new password in pap2 converted spa1001 what is the issue?? I need my home # back now, also when I plug magic jack to my thin client it hangs now

Anonymous said...

I can't find a utility that will give the magicjack credentials to get my new password. I've tried MJInfo.exe and Stroths SIP Info Checker include in MagicJack Utilities 1.6 suite. MJInfo.exe used to work before the upgrade to magicjack. I've played with delay in SIPInfo but it keeps not finding the credentials. I'm trying to get this back up on my PAP2 device. Thanks.

JoeJoe said...

I just noticed my MJ wasnt working today i did everything to trouble shoot it finally i check my MJ USB thing to check the password again and noticed it was changed so i did so with my linksys however now under INFO i see
Registration state: Can't connect to login server

CAN some one help out please?

JoeJoe said...

whats the SIP USER AGENT?
Exactly as this?

MagicJack/1.80.484a (SJ Labs)

Anonymous said...

I followed the info and it dows works on sipura device, the key thing is to set the register expire to 0 and sip user agent to MagicJack/1.80.484a (SJ Labs)

So one device is working but what about asterisk ??? anyone smart here knows how to set the sip info in sip trunk please ???

JoeJoe said...

i have a linksys
where is this located at i looked under LINE1 I dont see it???

the key thing is to set the register expire to 0

Where is it that we need to set it to 0

JoeJoe said...

Ok i found "register expire" under line 1 which was 3600 i changed it to "0" but now i still cant connect i still get this error?
Registration state: Can't connect to login server

Anonymous said...

Setting register expire does indeed get the PAP online. However, I cannot make any calls. Dialtone is there but no calls can be placed or recieved.

Anyone else having luck with this?

Anonymous said...

How to set the SIP user agent value "MagicJack/1.80.484a (SJ Labs)" in a MTA-6328 re (Sun rocket gizmo device)

JoeJoe said...

Ok, i followed all the recent posts and instruction i get a dial tone but when i dial a number i keep getting busy signal and still the following error
Registration State: Can't connect to login server

Can some one help with this please???

Anonymous said...

I can register now from sipura line state is registered but can't make or receive calls getting reorder tone + all incoming going to voice mail. GUYS is this really the END of majickjack on ATA's and asterisk ??

mR. MAGIC-JACK said...

I am hoping others will see the value with this site I found.

they seem to have a lot of details about MAGICJACK VOIP.

How To Unlock VoIP - com

AMG said...

So even though I posted that I got this working (which I did for a few weeks) on my SunRocket MTA 6328-2Re "Gizmo", I can no longer get it to work. I ran the "pmdump" command when starting MagicJack.exe (which needed updating) and I now have a new Password, but same UserID. I cant get it working... Did something change somehow?

Anonymous said...


FYI, not your ATA's but this MagicJack update has also broken two of the units I use on Apple MacbookPro's. Thy will run in VMware Fusion but will no longer run natively.

It's the dreaded [ 401 ], authorization failure.


Anonymous said...

majic jack on ATA'S and ASTERISK IS OVER :(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



After online chat-support, trust us we will fix your broken OSX client.

Two days later, my OSX clients are working again.

Anonymous said...

i was able to get my linksys spa-2102 back online after making the changes to registeration expire to 0 and SIP User Agent Name "MagicJack/1.80.484a (SJ Labs)"

Anonymous said...

i changed user agent,

then if i specify registeration expire: 0, i am not able to make or get calls

and if leave that to 3600, then i get registeration failed

Anonymous said...

Even I can't make/receive calls even if I get the dial tone with the new settings

Anonymous said...

MJ started using hardware signatures = you will not be able to use the service with out the MJ HW.

Anonymous said...

Really? So Asterisk + MJ is now a goner? no way to do it again? oh well... those were the days

asasas said...

where should i change the user-agent settings

asasas said...

i changed user agent,

then if i specify registeration expire: 0, i am not able to make or get calls

and if leave that to 3600, then i get registeration failed

" where should i change the user-ageent settings..

please help me in configuring this

Anonymous said...

there is no more running MJ on asterisk or linksys you must use the hardware

Anonymous said...

Somebody posted, MJ will not work without hardware support. But It is not correct. I can able to configure softphone without MJ hardware on my system.

I think some settings need to be changed for linksys PAP adapter.

Anonymous said...

could you please post ur softphone settings? and the softphone software you are using.


Anonymous said...

You can use MagicJack softphone without MagicJack USB. You can use magicjack softphone on multiple systems. if you want you can use magicjack usb also at the same time. you can utilize this feature with the following steps.

1.Plug in the magicJack dongle (USB)
2.Copy the "magicJack" folder from the magicJack drive to a drive on the harddrive
for example, "C:\magicJack\"
3.[optional, but so it would be available for any user, and easier to access] copy the
"mjusbsp folder somewhere else
for example, "C:\mjusbsp\"
4.If no shortcut to magicJackLoader.exe, make one
5.Open the properties page for the shortcut (right-click
6.Replace the "Target" entry with:
"C:\mjusbsp\magicJack.exe" /foreground /scf _magicJackPersonalDataRoot "C:\magicJack"
(using drive letters for the drives the folders were copied to)
(notice the use of "magicJack.exe" rather than "magicJackLoader.exe"
7.Put "C:\mjusbsp" in the "Start in" entry
8.Using msconfig, disable the "cdloader2" entry in the Startup tab
9.When setting this up, leave the dongle plugged in, but end both process "magicJack" and "mjsetup" from the processes list in the Task Manager, after copying the folders and setting up the shortcut, still do not unplug the dongle, but run magicJack from the harddrive for the first time with the dongle plugged in, else you will get an error saying the serial number has not been passed. so run it the first time with the dongle plugged in but make sure the processes have been stopped first, and you will be asked to log in by providing your email address and password,as soon as you are logged in and the service is active unplug the dongle,you can then run the program without the dongle.

start magicJack from the shortcut

Noelito said...

In case this helps anyone out there, I am using a work around so I can use my MagicJack number with my Linksys. I am hoping this is just a temporary workaround until someone can get the new MagicJack update to work.

I got an account from and set it up on my Linksys. They offer 300 mins/week for 90 days for about $14. This will give you outbound calling but no incoming number. They have instructions on how to set up the SIP.

Then I got a free Washington state number from . During this you will be asked for the server and user name for your VOIP provider. All you have to do is enter the server info VOIP Cheap provided you for setting up your SIP and your user name and that's it. Now you should be able to receive phone calls through your SIP from the IPKall number.

The last step I took is to forward my MagicJack number to the IPKall number. This is done on the My MagicJack site.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

voipcheap if you call from softphone and hve registered # it will send this as callerif info thats good, but with ATA it goes as private call so it bad right?

Noelito said...

I am not sure what you are asking but I will attempt to answer the questions.

When I receive a call, my registered IPKall's Washington number is displayed in the caller ID. When I make a call the person I am calling has Unknown, Private, or some number like 000000 on there caller ID.

Oh, one more thing I wanted people to know is that almost certainly, the 911 service will not work.

Hope I answered your question.

Jong said...

Has anyone successfully configured a Cisco 7940g running on SIP firmware to use MagicJacks SIP credentials? Please post details. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I use MJ through laptop USB port. I need help on resolving the beeping noise the caller hears. Does anyone have this problem and if so, how did you resolve it, please? It appears it is due to a MJ upgrade back on 06/09/09. I had chat with MJ company and nothing that they told me to do has helped. I use MJ for business calls, anyone that can help me on solving this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well the only ray of hope I have been able to follow after reading 100+ posts is on my Linksys I think it's a PAP2 is setting the domain under the "System" tab and the going to DOMAIN setting it to does allow it to register and I get a dialtone and in the status it shows as registered. Problem is no incoming or outgoing calls work just a fast busy on out and nothing on in.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Problem is that you do not have the MJ HARDWARE ID. Guys it is OVER no one will be to get MJ working on anything else than MJ- they have a new switch that is no longer sip friendly like the old one. Now you must be on the MJ hardware there is no other way

Anonymous said...

I have same problems with Innomedia MTA 6328-2Re. I have updated it with new password, but its no luck. Any help in resolving this is appreciated.

Also, can somebody suggest how to set the user-agent in MTA 6328-2Re.


Anonymous said...

If what has been said is indeed true that MJ now requires a Hardware ID such as MAC could we sinmply harvest our authentic MJ MAC and then MAC spoof our PAP2? Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Well more food for thought...

I just registered some sip trunks and called it a day.

MJ == in the garbage can...

It sucks when you try and use it on the USB dongle and how narrow minded of them to force someone to have a windows pc on in order to work... they can kiss my a$$...

Anonymous said...

If anybody want MJ hardware ID, I can provide the procedure how to find MJ hardware ID.

Could somebody please let me know how to configure MJ in PAP2.

sudhir said...

hi Anonymous

can you let me know how to get the hardware details.

and also if you know how to configure the hardware details please post.

i have a innomedia 6328-2re device.

ur help is appreciated.


Anonymous said...

ring2Skype is a new free service that allows you to receive phone calls on your Skype from the phone network! Once you sign up, you will get a phone number and a private extension. All calls to your extension ring at your Skype. That’s it. SIMPLE, RELIABLE AND FREE

It worked for me for a while and now no ring I sent msg thru contactus its working now again, since its beta hope they will fix it soon... you can try...

Anonymous said...

Attention: "MajicJack"


You and your company are f'ing ass holes.

I hope you go bankrupt.

And your tech support people are f'in morons. Took 4 days of tech support and none of your idiot support staff could get it working properly. I had to use a PC to fix the problem. You are a lame ass company and deserve all the negative press you can get.

Attention all Magicjack users:

Post how disgusted with the company your are on every website and blog you can find.

Anonymous said...

How can you complain about home phone with free long distance for $20 yr, even if it requires a PC to work? I just wished it didn't require a PC to work. I loved it more when my PAP2-NA was working with MJ credentials. Other than this blog, I've found no other forums or info about MJ service not working with ATAs. Seems odd.

Jack said...

I am wondering, how to connect to SIP stream to get BYE when the other side disconnects the call first.
Kind of SIP monitor.
Below, I posted that message in the different spot in this blog and I apologize for double posting.
I am using mj for automatic dialing.
My hardware connection is PC modem directly connected to mj jack and of course I am using a different dialing software to make the outgoing calls.
That setup works fine, but the major problem is that when the other side disconnects the call, my dialing software does not know that and stays put.
I appreciate any comments, how to get from mj software to detect the disconnection?
Or, how to use mj with different software, which will notify about call progress?

Jack said...

I tried to use Microsoft's Port Reporter and I cannot confirm that mj uses SIP.
After making a call using mj, the log from Port Reporter looks like this:
There are 2 ports used: 49170 & 49171 but these are not ports used for SIP, which supposed to be 5060.
Or I am doing something wrong here or mj is not a SIP dialer.
I appreciate your comments,

Anonymous said...

Not sure if everyone has seen this, but I was able to get my ATA working again by using the comments in this forum -


Anonymous said...


I have an iPhone 2g, firmware 3.0. I also have a MagicJack phone.

I got my MJ SIP details using MagicJack_Utilities.

It shows that my user agent is MagicJack/1.80.484a (SJ Labs).

I use SIPhone in my iPhone 2g, configured things correctly. when i start SIPhone it says 'Request Timeout'.

1. Does this work with iPhone 2g with firmware 3.0?

2. Is this the issue with newer MJ numbers?

Appreciate if someone can help me.

Anonymous said...

I've had no trouble getting my username/password from XP, putting it into my asterisk box to get a SIP trunk to MJ. Simply google "MagicJack Asterisk" and follow their lead. Works great. Next is to reflash my ASUS WL-500G to run Linux and Asterisk. No PC required!

Jolitabrilliant said...

Hello, I tried to download different utilities, but none is wroking it says: This is a test placeholder. Once you successfully run the SIP Info app once, it will replace this with your data. or proxy 3 invalid.. Please help me, I could pay, my email: thanks.

nt said...

The MJSuite is very Straitforward, in the term of use, error messages...

If you encounter "path3 error", open config.ini in MJ Suite folder, find the string "path3", then adjust to match your home folder. Read the instruction in config.ini for more information.

Then, let the MJSuite do the magic by first click "Get Current SIP Information". Less than 1 minute, it will pop up SIPInfo.exe with "blank" data.

Dont worry then, just click the second button "Display Existing SIP Information", and you see all you need.

Notice that MJ register on port 5070.

Thank you, MJ Suite Author - pls excuse that I can't find your name yet. I am really appreciate your magic & hard work.


Bao Nguyen

Anonymous said...

Ok i Got mine to work tonight first time setup on a PAP2T so i dont understand people saying it does not work

my only issue is that when i make a call i dont get a dail tone but it still makes the call i get the rings and everthing else work right just no dial tone which i think is wired what step am i missing please help

Anonymous said...

I've successfully ripped the credentials a few days ago and got it working in WengoPhone fine. Also purchased a Linksys PAP2-NA to do the job. I attempted to put it on an old IP8100-2 (Was unlocked) but failed when it updated and locked up for good. I wiresharked the WengoPhone to see what exact configuration worked, and found that it actually did some (apparently) unimportant things that failed.... see:

I think the password is being sent as MD5 - I thought it was plain text....

-- redxine

Anonymous said...

How to get the SIP from Magic Jack? Can somebody guide me because none of the methods are working?

12345 said...

something must have changed because i have tried every thing, every program and still nothing.
pmdump & Hex Workshop
MagicJack Utilities
Everything. I have fallowed the instrutions and still nothing. so I think something has changed is this the case?

Anonymous said...

I just gave up on using MJ with my ATA.I have tried all the methods mentioned in various forums and still no luck. Just got GV with gizmo and it works great. MJ is crap

12345 said...

ok this new program worked on 8/17 Password "Finder V2.1 with username support" it gives you a few of possible passcodes I got 20 codes three codes repeated one twice one six times and one 12 times.

Anonymous said...

Hi 12345

I would appreciate if you can guide me as to how to get the sip details as i tried all methods and i have lost hope, i also bought a PAP 2 device . i have the dmp file on the desktop but unable to get the sip details using magicjack software of hexware etcc

please guide me on

your help would be greatly appreciated

Joy Augustine

Anonymous said...

If MJ is not giving room to use your own PAP device, I think it's time to ditch MJ and switch to TK6000 ( This similar voip device, can be used like MJ (USB plug) or just plugged right in your network router with standard ethernet cable (no PC required). That's my take.

Anonymous said...

Do you have that TK6000 that seems alot better especially because it does not require your computer to be on, or a computer at all. Is there an easy way to get that SIP info?

Anonymous said...

Hi, it took me 2 days o figure out my SIP information.... however now when i use a sip phone i see an error
"Maximum number of stale retries"....
anyone come across this error and know a workaround.

Anonymous said...

"Maximum number of stale retries"....

I get the same thing...Also, I am not sure if I am inputting the info in correctly for the iSip (formerly Sipphone) App... Can anyone assist. If it is posted, please forgive my asking again and kindly direct me to the posting. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

I have a packet 8 voip device (service is cancelled) and wondering if I can use it to run magicjack. I really want to discontinue use on my loud laptop. Thanks for your response.

Anonymous said...

Check out this link for the "PAP2T Magicjack Setup"

Anonymous said...

Cool story you got here. I'd like to read a bit more about that topic. The only thing I would like to see here is a few pics of some devices.
Kate Flouee
Block phone

Anonymous said...

why is it that i can't fill up the "Verify Your Login" form? No matter how i typed the email and password , the blanks could'nt be filled up? there pop an error 54, unspecified error under the Internet Script Error. I can't use my majic jack and has been on-line with live tech for 5 to 6 hours for a few days and until now it doesnot function.please help.thanks.

Anonymous said...

am using windows XP and has been using my magic jack for the 2nd year starting january, but this past march 2010, i could not input my data in the blanks of "Verify your Login" form in the registration process, but it's indicated that my magic jack is already registered, needs only to be verified, but the problem is that there is a script error in the windows internet script, everytime i will input my email and password, just wondering, i can log in to my, please help, i need to call in the USA...thank you.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, MagicJack has been taking steps to prevent the use of their access using VOIP equipment because they don't get to advertise via VOIP equipment like they can through their MJ Console Application. I have a feeling we're not going to be able to option our SIP information anymore. I even made a batch file that runs PMDUMP 13 times in a row with the newest PID IMMIDIATELY after it starts... and I cannot find the SIP password in any of the files that get dumped. *sigh*

Samu said...

Hi I have the Username and proxy server URI but I'm still strugling with the password. I got a memory dump using mpdump and I also found 4 matches of "ProxyUserPassword". The problem is that the sequence of hex values that appears after ProxyUserPassword, changes everytime I disconnect/connect the MagicJack. For example, the first memory dump has:
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 E9 03 2D 00 00 00 8B 00 00 00 00 04 02 00 00 73 68 93 97 14 00 00 00...
after the "ProxyUserPassword".
The second time it has:
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 04 E9 03 2D 00 00 00 8B 00 00 00 00 04 01 00 00 73 68 93 97 14 00 00 00...

How can I determine the password?

Anonymous said...

i had mjproxy running on my dd-wrt router (wrt54gl) and on my laptop i had x-lite (corded and using wireless) and it worked great.

when i use the SIP info that i entered into x-lite it dont work with fring and my ppc 6800 phone.

anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to use SIPfone apps on iphone to enter MagicJack credentials/SIP info? thanks.

Bao Nguyen said...

I tried with sipdump.exe, and after 3 times I got the new SIP password.

The above HEX strings are not the right password, which is a 20-letter string, i.e. CO2GEAC7S5CU8G51W35P

Used on Trixbox, and works great again.

LonelyPoet said...

I am trying to use Fring with Treo 800w mmm no way I can get this SIP password out of this.. my OS is WinXP I tried for 2 days maybe a 100 times. Looks like MagicJack guys were able to stop people pulling out passwords. If anyone one got any new ways please let me know


Rob Bruce said...

Once you have this information, are you having to use the MJMD5 proxy to get it to work?

magic jack said...

Interesting blog. I've been reading magic jack reviews on various sites to see if I should get one or not. A lot of comments to read through here, but very interesting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a SIP client for iPhone that has the MD5 hash option built in.

Luis Gonzalez said...

That's one way of retrieving the SIP info, but I personally prefer using SIPDump. I found the instructions here: Trixbox101-tutorials, tips and tricks.

Anonymous said...

Hello all. glad to find you here.

pardon my caveman question, but I am at a loss.

a few months ago I stumbled into getting the magic jack dongle to work with google voice, totally bypassing magicjack service.
It was on a Toshiba satellite laptop, and worked great. I think I downloaded the tigerjet driver and that was that.

I am trying to replicate those results with my home computer, a dell GX620, and can't seem to do it.
Basically what i want is to plug my regular home phone set, into the RJ11 (standard phone cord) slot on the magic jack dongle, and be able to dial out and take incoming using google voice.

do I have to do all this sip info secret agent stuff to do that?


Anonymous said...

magicjack no work

SACmuega said...

Don't have a clue how U guys did it. Plz send me sum info @ PS (im a real noob at this stuff but i'll manage 2 understand u guys.) What do I have 2 do with fiddler again? Give me a step by step 4 dummies just in case.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Want to use my MJ on andriod. Tried the so far posted methods but get the message 'unauthorised'. Can someone help? Can mail me on Thanks in advance...

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