Monday, November 12, 2007

New unofficial magicJack forum now open

A new forum has been open for magicJack users to get unofficial support

Many of the previous posters from the original magicJack forum have now joined and can help you with any issues or questions you have about the magicJack product


Anonymous said...
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Eric said...

Why should we trust a forum where you have to join to read it? It's probably just a front for the Magicjack company to sanitize negative feedback on their product. Don't waste your time.

VanguardLH said...

This forums is dead (to me). While I can read posts, I cannot submit them. That means I cannot ask questions or participate in discussions. When I submit a post, the next page is incomplete (has just 2 lines of which is an incomplete HTML tag). That means my post is not accepted and will never appear. I'm really not interested in a read-only forum. This one is also excrutiatingly SLOW.

A much better choice for a MagicJack forum is over at

Winston said...

You didn't say how to get the Magicjack's password using Fiddler. Can you explain how?

Jack Chrysler said...

It seems to be good solution

Anonymous said...

More detailed instructions please. I don't know how to get memory dump file.


I found details
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Anonymous said...

If you are having problems with MJ performance try installing a powered USB hub. this means a hub that must be plugged into an A/C outlet to be powered. This prevents power deficits due to PC requirements. I was having spotty calls once I installed a Belkin A/C USB hub for $20 the issue was fixed.

Anonymous said...

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gogle said...

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Anonymous said...

2 years of MagicJack were 2 years of problems and pains in the rear. Tech. support could not trace down or correct the problems. So long, MacicJack.

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Magicjack Support said...

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