Thursday, November 1, 2007

Using other Softphones with MagicJack Hardware

MagicJack hardware can be used with a host of other softphones. Tigerjet has a nice list of software to make it work. Remember to turn off the magicJack software first before attempting to use another softphone.


john said...

Thanks! I was able to use my google talk account with mj hardware during the recent outage. SUPERB!

msganti said...

Can you explain how to "turn-off" the MJ software? I want to use MJ hardware with x-lite

Administrator said...

Either disable autostart on your magicJack drive or go into task manager and end magicjack.exe

msganti said...

Oh!! I thought you are talking about using MJ SIP account with other softphones.
Is there a way we can do this (just for educational purpose)?

Jeff said...

Hi All - I made a small utility to block/hide the magicJack softphone or popup window.

It lets magicJack work normally and you can easily enable the softphone (popup window) when needed.

If your interested in giving it a shot, it's freeware and available at (search for "MagicBlock").


All the Best,

VanguardLH said...

The link to TigerJet points at several downloads. Their IP Phone Center app appears to work with Skype. It apparently works with the ATA device (USB-to-RJ11 adapter) but the other end goes to the Skype VOIP service, not to YMax's MagicJack service. There isn't much explain about their TJinit utility to know how to use it. So I don't see how these downloads help a user get rid of the MagicJack-provided softphone and use a more generic softphone (without the spam pane or impolite behavior of popping onscreen when making or receiving calls). Maybe the IP Phone Center can be configured to interface with a VOIP server other than for Skype but that isn't explained here.

Jack Chrysler said...
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Jack Chrysler said...
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Anonymous said...

I just talked to a service rep at magicjack and asked her if it works with X-Lite. (I have X-Lite)

She told me magicjack will cancel service if they find out someone uses any softphone with magicjack.

Anyone know anything about this?

Anonymous said...

Yes...using any other software/hardware other than that supplied with MagicJack is against their TOS.

redpepper said...

magicJack + X-Lite/SIP Dual Mode Calling Plugin Released

Users of the magicJack can now place and receive calls using almost any phone provider in the world including Gizmo5 recently acquired by Google. To top it off, magicJack users now also have a means of connecting directly to office PBX systems using the industry standard SIP communications protocol.

To take advantage of these new "open network" calling possibilities, magicJack users simply need to install the new SIP dialer software plugin "XlitejackPlugin". "XlitejackPlugin" allows magicJack and SIP calls to be placed concurrently from the same regular or cordless phone.

The SIP dialer software plugin supports the use of Counterpath Corporation's X-Lite SIP softphone dialer. Almost every phone provider in the world provides setup instructions and support for using the X-Lite SIP softphone dialer with their networks.

"XlitejackPlugin" converts an ordinary magicJack into a powerful magicJack + X-Lite/SIP dual mode calling product. To place SIP calls via an alternative phone provider, just dial # before the number you want to call. Regular magicJack calls are placed as normal. For incoming calls, just answer the phone when it rings.

"XlitejackPlugin" can be downloaded at

Anonymous said...

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voip said...

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Anonymous said...

how do i turn off magicjack temporarily w/out unplugging the device or canceling the service? i still want to use it, but i want to be able to close it (so it has no dial tone) so that when my kids are punidhed, they won't be able to use the phone until its started again.

Anonymous said...

I have had Magic Jack for the past 2 years. On my 3rd MJ unit. My 3rd MJ is physically broken,they break do to design flaw. My MJ service is intact but I have a physically broken MJ unit so I cannot make or receive calls.

So now I have installed X-Lite, have a registered with Voxalot and have my 7 digit user ID.

I can't make or receive calls.

1.) Key pad says, "Ready Your user name is : 532071"

2.) I get a dial tone

3.) I dial 9001 plus the area code and 7 didget number. For example: 9-00-1-212-55-1212

4.) Pad says "call established" Then I get a recording that says, "We're sorry, the number you have called cannot be connected, please try again"

I think my settings are correct but I am wondering if Magic Jack is interfering or is it something else?

Any advice? Please reply to and put X-Lite/Voxalot in the subject line.

Much appreciated.

Jim Powell said...

This doesn't seem to work anymore. Tried use the IP Phone Center and set it to use the GV Softphone. Was able to RingTest but never actually use the phone with GV. Anybody have any luck?

Kristy Kaitlyn said...

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