Friday, January 18, 2008

Keep MagicJack from Popping up on your screen

  1. Install 4T Tray Minimizer
  2. Start up your magicjack. Leave the softphone on the screen.

  3. Start up 4t, and click the add button as shown below.

  4. now drag the icon below on top of your sofphone

  5. Step 3 will have filled in all of the data to the form above.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a free alternative to 4T Tray minimizer? The free one doesn't save the settings you make annoying me everytime I reboot. I looked all over for another program that keeps windows hidden for free.

Anonymous said...

This does NOT work....was it even tried before it was posted?

Anonymous said...

Hi - I made a small utility to block the popup window - similar to this one but only block (keeps minimized) the magicJack popup.

It still lets magicJack work normally and you can easily enable the softphone (popup window) when needed.

If your interested in giving it a shot, it's freeware and available at (search for "MagicBlock").


All the Best,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This product should be called "crappyjack". The material is CHEAP, plastic where there should be metal. Mine broke w/i 20 days and the customer service... there is none. They were not at all helpful nor accountable for the poor product they manufacture. NOT WORTH IT.

Anonymous said...

This guy wrote
This product should be called "crappyjack".

lol in a way it's new and a bit unstable...but how did you break it by having a hissy fit and throwing it like a baby? I rebuilt mine as the person who made this unit must of learned from it's a MAN toy and stable..

Anonymous said...

I use the MagicBlock [ ] and it works perfectly ! Simply does what it's supposed to do.

I the personalized the task bar so it's invisible... (Right click on free area of the bar like just below the clock / Propriety / Personalize. Then I modified MagicJack and MagicBlock as always hidden)

Finally if you need the softphone, it's still accessible by unchecking the « Block MagicJack Pop-up »

Great product !

Anonymous said...

I am the one who post on Sept 23rd 2008... I have added Magic who 1.7 [ ] in parallel with Magicblock and it's the perfect match ! You don't have anymore this loading splash screen life time of saving... :P:P and it removes the desktop icon !

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to install this suggested program?

If you want to avoid seeing the MagicJack popup, simply create another user profile after you install your MagicJack. Again, no need what-so-ever to install this program.

This is how gullible people get spy ware installed.

Anonymous said...

I tried the MagicBlock program, and I think it is great.
I will donate a couple of bucks to that program maker
that like what he does. I tried to create another sign up
log on and I got a dial tone but my call did not go out.
Thank you, who ever you are that noted that program.

MagicJack Review by The Monetizer said...

Great tips here..Just got my MagicJack installed and will have to try out your hacks..Thanks!

Krakahnigh said...

I tired Magicblock and while it is a decent program, it doesn't realy block the softphone (in Vista anyway). What it does is once the softphone pops up, it almost instantly gets minimized to the notification area. Not exactly a block. It still leaves me vulnerable when playing a game. As soon as you get a call or pick up the phone, it switches out of my game. Great concept, but it's not quite there yet.
Untill then I am still looking.

Anonymous said...


You are right, MagicBlock does not really blocs. It minimizes so fast that it's almost invisible.

If you are playing, that could not do the job. I added Magic Who as someone mention on Sept 30th. MagicBlock + Magic Who that I set as Hide dial pad. Now it's invisible.

I am not a gamer but I think it could solve your problem

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL What a joke LOL

magicJack is the real deal you dummies. LOL

All you have to do is slide it to the side. LOL

What will other company employees do to put down the greatest telecom device ever made. That's for real.

magicJack will sell 200,000,000 devices worldwide.

Eat your heart out!


Anonymous said...

You cannot simply slide the magicjack softphone to the side and think it will help when playing games, it still will minimize the game you are playing none of these programs can help to stop magicjack from minimizing your games so gamers you'll still be looking, but things are getting closer maybe someone can figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Just install the damn thing as a service, its not that complicated. I was having the same problem playing diablo 2 and receiving a call would minimize the screen, not any more. :)

Lynda said...

How do you install it as a service and are you talking about magicjack or Magicblock?

Tina Hiles said...

I would like to know how to install it as a service as well.

Frank said...

Hey Everyone, I've been using Magic Jack for over a year now, and its been a decent alternative to AT&T and Vonage.

My one complaint with Magic Jack are the incessant pop up ads!!! Someone on another forum directed me to where there's a tool called MagicBlock that suppresses the pop ups. Works great.


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Jack Chrysler said...
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Magic Jack Chat said...

Great material here, if you ever want to promote it on my site, you can. Thanks!

Jack Chrysler said...
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Brandon said...

I didnt download the software that's on here but i read peoples comments and see where people had mentioned MagicBlocker & MagicWho? and I'm not a gamer so I dont know exactly what problems i may run across if I was a gamer but when it comes to making that MJ Dailer Invisible & Quickly minimizing the Dailer well then I'd say go and download the MagicBlocker (to instantly minimize your Dailer) and use MagicWho? to make your Dailer invisible.

Hope that helps. Thanks to whoeva created both of those programs.

Anonymous said...

I got it cause im a broke guy like alot of people i use my pc alot mainly for online gaming and i can say it works it does what it says but what a bunch of bastards with their crappy pop up window thats the kind of junk that makes me uninstall programs. I by no means have a pos pc its a beast and still who cares about the 5 year plan i dont care who my wifes calling i just want my lcd to show me what im playing what a joke.

Anonymous said...

magicjack with windows 7 works for me!! HOW??
Download the vista upgrade at only draw back

must install update everytime you reboot the mj with vista!!

Magic block works with win 7 though!!
what an awesome program

nova said...

l good trick never thought bout that. Start on the other user account switch users and magic jack is hidden away on the logged in users that's not active heh

Some one said it was a junk product i wonder if it was a admin or something from another soft voip phone service honestly. Yeh its plastic but cheap na quite a tough looking little thing really. I absolutely love it my self im on a friends wireless and at any thing above 40% sig str based on my cards own gui im get perfectly clear sound

Anonymous said...

I didn't know where to ask this, so I apologize for this being a little off-topic.

I know that in order to call out with MagicJack, you have to let it act as a server on your PC. How safe is this? Will this allow no-gooders to access my computer? What about my bank account and credit card numbers??

Jack said...

I would like to use mj USB stick but without mj software.
I am using mj for automatic dialing.
My hardware connection is PC modem directly connected to mj jack and of course I am using a different dialing software to make the outgoing calls.
That setup works fine, but the major problem is that when the other side disconnects the call, my dialing software does not know that and stays put.
I appreciate any comments, how to get from mj software to detect the disconnection?
Or, how to use mj with different software, which will notify about call progress?

Anonymous said...

My MJ rocks! Sure, it's made of plastic but I am not using it to hammer in nails either. It is lightweight and travels well. As long as you have a good internet connection and a good power supply on your system it works just as claimed. As far and the annoying menu POPPING all the time goes – here’s your huckleberry:

Google knows best,


Nadia said...

The magic hide program worked great for me. Magic block was giving me an error on startup. Even with .net framework 3.5 never worked. So, magic hide to the rescue.

mark said...

I just moved the mj window to my second screen that I rarely use (usually off) and then when it comes up it goes to that screen and I don't even see it anymore. If you can trick your computer into thinking you have two monitors that should work too. If you use two screens then go to three. You can get a usb video driver real cheap, worth it for the money you save on phone bills.

Richard said...

The one I am calling cannot hear me speaking! I tried adjusing the microphone level to the 1/3 volume position button this did not help. If I turn off my computer and then restart my Windows XP program the other party can then hear my voice!

Any answers to this problem, perhaps from Dan Borslow, the inventer.

Anonymous said...


Users of the magicJack can now enjoy the added benefits of Skype including video calling, conference calling and free Skype to Skype user calls worldwide.

A new Skype dual mode calling software plugin "SkyjackPlugin" for magicJack users has been released. The plugin allows magicJack and Skype calls to be placed concurrently from the same regular or cordless phone.

To place Skype calls just dial * before the number you want to call. Speed dial numbers are available for dialing other Skype users. Regular magicJack calls are placed as normal. For incoming calls, just answer the phone when it rings.

"SkyjackPlugin" can be downloaded at

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Popup Dialer Window Manager for magicJack
for Windows XP/Vista/7


The "Magicsilence" Plugin tool gives you full control over the magicJack dialer window providing you with the ability to maintain focus on your primary computer activities. Unless you decide to manually open it, the magicJack dialer window will remain closed even for incoming and outgoing calls.

You can manually open the magicJack dialer window at any time (as you normally do by double left mouse clicking on the magicJack dialer icon) if you want to check something or decide to use a headset on your call. The only difference is that you are now in control and whatever you are working on remains focused even when a new call is placed or arrives.

An increasing number of magicJack users in the professional community have been looking for solutions to avoid having the computer lose focus on the application they are working on when an incoming call arrives. Some users have even resorted to purchasing separate thin client computers. A viable free solution is finally available making the magicJack much more attractive to small businesses and work from home professionals.

"Magicsilence" may be used by itself or alongside other popular "Magicfeatures", "Skyjack" and "Xlitejack" software plugins available for the magicJack. In the event it does not meet your needs, a complete uninstall application is included.

The new "MagicSilence" Plugin Tool is ABSOLUTELY FREE and can be downloaded at OR .

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

MagicSilence works!
I play a lot of full screen games, and I've tried most of the other programs out there, but MagicSilence is exactly what I was looking for.
Won't minimize my games and I can bring up the softphone when I want to.

To all gamers out there, if you're using MJ use the MagicSilence!

Jason Alvarez said...

Hmm, this utility doesn't seem to work anymore, at least not on my magic jack version. Does anyone have a newer version that works correctly? Thanks! said...

Just move the screen just below the task bar.

It's not worth messing with any applications.

Hopefully, Soon, MagicJack will make this as a service with option to hide...

Anonymous said...

enjoy your artical, thank you ........................................

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to really have this problem go away then MagicSilence is the shit! No problems at all and its free. lifesaver.

Anonymous said...

Sick program!!!!!!!! Works excellent

Ahmed said...

Get Magicsilence Plugin for magicJack from it works like a charm.

Here is the link for it:

Anonymous said...

Magicsilence is a GODSEND.

Sam said...

magic silence does not work, at least not with this disasterous release the a-hole developers at MJ just put out. callerid name still no work. no option to stop the stupid dialpad. they did alot of work on the dialpad. who gives a shit. there CS sucks and it is horrendous. also magicblocker does not work. nothing works on this stupid thing. AND NOW THEY HAVE PROGRAMMED IT SO THE SCREEN SAVER (AT LEAST IN WIN 7 PRO) DOES NOT WORK!! what next from these assholes. does anyone know how to sue this company?????

Anonymous said...

magicjackBlocker works, was updated shortly after the update to magicJack was done. I found it on eBay search magicJack Blocker.

Anonymous said...

I've tried a lot of the solutions and some of the software but the only one I found that really works is Magic Control. You can check it out at For 10 bucks you can keep your sanity!

Anonymous said...

I use Magic Jack for my business because of too many long distance calls I make. usually when I look at the bill I see about $300-$500/month.. then when I got magic jack, I see $20/year charges :) talk about the difference.. It really does work

Anonymous said...

with all the talk about getting rid of my phone line i finally did it, and switched to the Magic Jack

Adam Scott said...

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lala said...

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Caller ID said...

Wonderful you just share on how to keep MagicJack from popping up on the PC desktop. It's quite annoying but, glad you have the solution. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Free, Open Source tool to autominimize/close windows: AutoHotkey

My Autohotkey Script: (minimizes Avira, qq and magicJack nag screens)

SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx
loop {
WinWait, Avira|Today|magicJack
IfWinExist, Notifier of Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus
ControlClick, Button1
IfWinExist, Today ahk_class TXGuiFoundation
WinActivate, Today ahk_class TXGuiFoundation
Send, !{F4}
IfWinExist, magicJack ahk_class QWidget
WinActivate, magicJack ahk_class QWidget
Send, !{F4}
Sleep, 2000

(if you ever want to legitimately open magicJack - not the nag, press ScrollLock to temporarily toggle this autoclose script off)

Anonymous said...

Correction: for autohotkey, to disable the magicjack autominimize, right click the tray icon and pause script rather than pressing scroll lock

It seems magicjack opens every time I lift the receiver. Which I don't care for especially when it does not close after I hang up.

Anonymous said...

I've been using this to hide the magic jack screen that pops up successfully.. Although.. I haven;t upgraded in awhile.. If I upgrade, will it still work? Thanks..

Anonymous said...

I tried magicBlock and it didn't work at all. magicSilence v1.5 didn't work, but v2.01 works great. Not free, but very cheap to register. Definitely will buy it. Go to and get the trial version (free plug...).

Anonymous said...

I have a 2 day old computer and had installed it with all the popup annoyance too. my mom had to reset it to factory settings, and well, the phone still works and the magic jack program is not on my computer! no popups! I guess I just got lucky LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love my MagicJack. I have NEVER had any trouble with it what so ever. Who cares hows it's made if it works right. For 19.95 a year what did you think it was made out of gold, No disrespect. Just sayin.

RandyKing said...

MagicBlock is the answer. Download=2.4 seconds, Install=1.3 seconds, Config=0.0 seconds. "3.7 Seconds of Setup and a lifetime of no annoyances from blabberjack!"

Seriously, though - MagicBlock really works, no fuss no muss. Thanks, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Reading the comments I can tell you the honest truth, MagicJack has saved me so much money I can't even add it up. That said playing a game and seeing it pop up is beyond irritating. The solution I found was already written here.

1. create another account on your computer.

2. unplug magic jack from your computer, and log into your new account (named magic jack etc whatever you named it.)

3. Plug magic jack back into your computer so it will install everything on that new account.

4. after it's loaded and working, go to the shutdown option and switch user accounts to your regular one.

5. play games, etc. without ever seeing magic jack, everything works and it never bothers you again, (No applications, No downloads,) ITS A perfect solution to your needs.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the great advice everyone ^_^

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